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Sodom and Gomorrah accident

Agroindustry modern birds it has been against nature, while challenging the law of God. That should change, not simply restructuring the division of the lot.
Flu is a disease actually old. There are three types of influenza viruses: type A which can attack humans and animals as well as type B and C can only attack a human. Virus type A is made up of several still subtipe, ie, H (1-15) and N (1-9). AI itself has been detected since 1978 in Italy, but with the new subtipe AI virus H5N1 was first detected in Hong Kong in 1997. Since then, the bird flu becomes similar AIDS, the shock on the poultry business, as well as threaten human life.

When the AI attacks the birds, the virus has not become a worldwide epidemic. Agroindustry poultry ago into the bulk and the world, with the seed (DOC / DOD), feed, growth hormones, antibiotics, and drugs in high doses intensively. This is the main trigger the creation of a new virus subtipe. Especially after the agro-livestock only to the benefits, without thinking about the negative impact caused.

Mad cow outbreak in Britain is also the curse. Madness this virus is only infectious in the sheep, and never become a pandemic. However, the agro-livestock in the UK too greedily. Cut waste from the animal house, especially bone-bone-bone consists sheep, goats, cows, pigs, cattle and other mixed-grinding, and to concentrate. The goal is efficiency. Result, degradation occurred and the genetic transmission of disease. Madness that only the previous infectious sheep to cattle also.

"Nuggets" and sausage bone

In the agro-poultry, especially chicken layer, which will be kept only female DOC. DOC must be male. If DOC is given to the male fish, the impact of negative almost does not exist. However, once again for the sake of efficiency, DOC male entered directly to milling and to the mixed feed. "Cannibalism" among others that this has lead to genetic degradation, and had a role to trigger the creation of AI virus subtipe new.

But it's all not too egregious. Now, consumers seem less charming to see (or suspect) sausage (beef and chicken) nuggets (chicken), and kornet (cows), which is consumed, not from the actual flesh, but waste-rawhide bones. Animal house cutting waste and cutting poultry house waste, to form strong bones, cartilage, marrow, muscle, and a little meat still attached. Severity and separated the bones called MBM or meat and bone meal. This material is a mixture of cattle feed industry, including poultry.

Cartilage, muscle, marrow, meat, and meat and debone called meal (MDM). This is the first product to be a mixture of sausage industry, kornet, and nuggets. Now, the MDM be the main food plant. Especially in the chicken sausage. MDM is actually all poultry chicken waste grinding, because sekeras any chicken bones are very soft for a sausage and nuggets. We never told by Manufacturers Association of processed food meat (National Meat Association Producer = NAMPA), the actual contents of each of MDM and sausage nuggets. Do not-do not have 100 per cent.

Patterns such as cattle industry is already against the law of nature, as well as the law of God. Cattle and sheep herbivora original. In industry they are forced into modern karnivora, even cannibal. Birds eat seeds and sometimes insects and worms. But they did not cannibal. Even the eagle and the raven was never karnivora cannibal. But people have been forced into chickens and ducks cannibal. Moreover, DOC, chickling the new hatch is, must be re-grinding to be eaten by their parent-parent. This is more sadistic than the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Waste from the U.S.

Relatively intelligent people in the U.S. view the "irregularities" on this natural law. In addition to smart, they are rich. That's why they do not eat other parts of chicken, except breast meat. Skin, thigh meat, wing meat, liver, ampela, disantap taboo. Moreover, the head, neck, buttocks, and foot. All that must be removed. U.S. consumer agencies also tight to waste that can not offhand grinding and be feed. Mad cow case in the UK to make the U.S. more cautious people.

Where waste is still worth eating is removed? Of the country to which many residents and weak economy. The main target of the thigh and discard chicken wing is the PRC, India, and Indonesia. MDM results also grinding poultry waste disposed to developing countries and poor countries. For disposal facilities, large cities in developing countries are ready with the fast food restaurants and supermarkets. When levy sausage and chicken nuggets, mothers certainly never imagine, the main product is not flesh, but waste.

In fact the government should begin to strengthen the traditional agro-poultry farm duck as penyeimbang. Institutional livestock of the people is already very strong. Only the capital allocation and other facilities did not specific to them, not because they have a lot of the Combined Company in poultry Indonesia (Gappi). If the breeder ducks that have not even left the bulk government attention, no more chicken terperhatikan again. People should receive disaster resilient in Sodom and Gomorrah modern form of outbreaks of bird flu

Source: Kompas Friday 19 January 2007

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