Senin, 30 Maret 2009

Globalization opponents colonial New!

The failure of the Conference World Trade Organization (WTO) Cancun in September is also celebrated by civil society and the state-negaradunia third during this persistent against colonial style new style danlembaga-WTO international financial institutions such as IMF and World Bank.
Colonization is one of the big advantages of the developed countries and the world's giant companies. In order to achieve, they are pressing the government and the people that sell out their source (Agrarian and natural resources).
Meanwhile, water, soil, food and health is a right asasimanusia following all the rules that protect the sustainability of kehidupandianggap barriers that must be removed. No wonder the various negaraperampasan local people's access to resources of life continue to occur.
Globalization must be a new colonialism with the globalization of solidarity and resistance with the people.

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