Selasa, 05 Mei 2009

Jigsaw method

Jigsaw was developed and tested by Elliot Aronson and colleagues sejawatnya (Patnoe & Aronson, 1997). Using the Jigsaw, students in place to study in a heterogeneous team has five to six people. Many of the academic material presented to students in the form of text, and each student is responsible for learning a portion of the material.

For example, if the material is about tekstualnya Cooperative learning, a student in the team will be responsible to learn Stad, someone for Jigsaw, a Group for the Investigation (GI) (the investigation), and one or two other people will be the expert (expert) for basic research and the history of Cooperative learning. The members of the teams are different, but discuss the same topic (sometimes called expert group [group of experts]) met to learn and help each other in learning the topic. After the students return to the team and they teach something they have learned in the expert group to the other members in each team.

After a team meeting and discussion of origin, the students do the quiz individually to learn about the different materials.

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