Senin, 06 April 2009

Salary Papa HOW?

As always Andrew, Head of Branch in a leading private company in Jakarta, arrived in his home at 9 pm. Not as usual, Sarah, son of the first new class to sit in three elementary school opens the door for him. It appears that he has been waiting long enough.

"Kok, has not slept?" Andrew, while I kiss her son. Sarah is usually already lelap when he went home and awake when he will go to the office the morning.

Papa heel while the room toward the family, Sarah said, "I come home Papa nunggu. For I want to ask," How do salaries Papa? "," Tumben Lho, kok get salary Papa? How have more money, yes? "," Ah, enggak. Pengen know aja "Sarah said short. "Okay. You can own countdown.
Papa worked every day for about 10 hours and are paid Rp. 400.000, -. Each month the average is calculated based on 22 working days. Saturday and Sunday off, sometimes Saturday Papa still overtime. So, Papa salary in one month how many, come? "

Sarah ran pensilnya and take the paper from the desk study Papanya while removing shoes and light television. When Andrew go to the room to change clothes, Sarah ran to follow them. "What a day Papa paid Rp. 400.000, - for 10 hours, one hour means Papa stipendiary Rp. 40.000, - dong" he said.

"Wah, pinter you. Already, it is washing feet, sleep" command Andrew. But Sarah does not go. While witnessing Papanya changed clothes, Sarah again asked, "Papa, I can borrow money Rp. 5000, - enggak?"

"It is, I kind of need more. Why ask for money night like this? Papa tired. And like a bath first. Tidurlah".

"But Papa ..." Andrew Patience is exhausted. "Papa is sleeping!" Sarah hardiknya surprising. Children that is turned to the rooms.

After bathing, Andrew appears to regret hardiknya. He also peek Sarah sleep in the room. Children kesayangannya is not sleeping. Sarah found sob are slowly while holding the money Rp. 15.000, - in his hand.

While lying and stroke the head of a small kid, Andrew said, "sorry Papa, Nak, Papa for my Sarah. But what a canvas nights like this? If you want to buy toys, I can tomorrow. Isn'T Rp. 5000, - more Papa's love that is "Andrew's

"Papa, I enggak canvas. I just borrow. Later when I return is to save more of pocket money during this week." "lya, yes, but for what?" Andrew get soft.
"I am waiting for Papa's at 8. I want to get snake Papa main stairs. Puluh Three minutes aja. Mama often says what the time Papa was very valuable. So, I want to change the time Papa. Tabunganku I open, there is only Rp. 15.000, -- Papa says, but because one day Papa paid Rp. 40.000, - then a half hour I have to replace Rp. 20.000, -. But less money tabunganku Rp. 5000, therefore I would like to borrow from Papa "said Sarah plain.

Andrew was silent. he lost the words. Dipeluknya small kid that freeze with the feeling
haru. He realized a new, apparently limpahan property which he gave for this, not enough to
"buy" their child's happiness.

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