Senin, 30 Maret 2009

Mutual funds, the alternative INVESTMENTsmall capitalist

The growth of offshore mutual funds phenomenon, before deciding to bereksadanaria, prospective investors should know yourself. Is he including risk Taker (dare bear risk), neutral, or conservative. Introduction of this product closely related to mutual funds that will be purchased. So far, investors are still the dominant type of conservative with the number of product fixed income mutual funds. This is closely related to the risk factor is relatively small. "Sejelek-jeleknya performance, still have a coupon interest rate," so about their deception.
In selecting mutual funds, to advise Frida. "Preview the company profile. The credibility and experience of managers and investment company." Other considerations that need to be taken is the credibility and bonafiditas supporting institutions. Behavior of investment managers in achieving the target should be. What will play a dynamic or conservative? Before sign the contract, should understand what is true in the prospectus provided. Do not be ashamed to ask for transparency and attention to very-thought-of in this investment. As investors, you can ask how nab today. If in stock, if you have a small capital, can be terabaikan.
Be careful with the ads that show the mutual fund charts. Information that seems to be sweet. In fact a lot of information behind the bitter also need to know. Rubric of consultation in Tabloid Kontan upbringing Hasan Zein Mahmud revealed, many questions about mutual funds associated with the ads in print media.

If you have understood correctly Lika meander behind mutual funds, so-so and then plan to buy it. How very easy. Condition is not long-winded; have the money, identity cards, and bank accounts in the bank. You live to come to investment managers or agents, to request a form, and send some money as a sign to purchase a bank account number kustodian. Evidence the transfer, the form has been filled, and a photocopy of identity and then be submitted to the investment manager. You also hold a number of UP and stay waiting berbiaknya funds. Next you will receive a progress report on mutual funds and other relevant information. To reduce the risk, sebarlah funds in several mutual funds.
Apart from all the lack of current, if it is managed by the experts and experienced professionals, mutual funds are an interesting alternative investment. In mutual funds, together with a small capital with other small capital to be so big. Thus the distribution of investment can be very wide, so that if the review of the risk bearing the risk and avoiding the spread of risk can be done.
Well, a small but beautiful in fact can reduce the risks and benefits also ...!

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